What’s This All About?

Let me guess… you’re wondering, what’s this website all about, why do I care, who are you, why should I trust you, and what should I do now?

Glad you asked!

The Website

This website exists to allow us to serve our customers better. Plain and simple. We do that by listing our products, and providing an easy way for you to request a quote on one or more of them for the event you’re planning. We’ll also be posting content on our blog in the near future to help you make your event a huge hit with your guests. We want your guests to be talking about your event weeks, months, even years later, and we have some of the most unique and high-quality inflatables available in the market to make sure that happens!

Why You Might Care

You might care if:

  • You’re planning a large holiday event for a church
  • You’re planning a corporate family event
  • You’re planning a school event or fundraiser

You might care if:

  • You want a truly memorable event for your guests
  • Service and quality matter to you
  • Safety is important to you
  • You’re not satisfied with old and worn inflatables
  • You want to be absolutely confident that your event will be handled professionally

Yes, we do small parties too.

Because we carry some smaller units like bouncers so that our events have a good range of units for all ages, we also rent our inflatables for backyard parties, like birthdays, block parties, family reunions in the park and other smaller gatherings.

Who We Are

My Party Rental Biz is an inflatable and party rental business serving

[counties]. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in terms of quality and service, to ensure you that you’re in good hands when you rent from us.

Why You Can Trust Us

We think you can trust us because:

  • We guarantee we will deliver the units you ordered (imagine that!)
  • We guarantee that the units will be set up according to ASTM safety guidelines
  • We guarantee your satisfaction with the units
  • We buy from inflatable manufacturers focused on quality and safety
  • Our units are 100% made in the USA
  • All units are compliant with safety guidelines
  • All of our staff are highly trained in the proper setup procedures to ensure safety

What To Do Now

Your next step is simply to give us a call. We’re not here to ‘sell’ you something. We want to help you get the right solution for your need. If your best solution is another vendor, so be it! But we’re confident if you answered ‘yes’ to the points above in the ‘why you might care section’, then we’ll have a great solution for you, and you and your guests will be thrilled with our product and service.

So give us a call now at


Or, add some units to your quote list and click the Request Quote button on the right, and we’ll be in touch right away.